The quick and easy way to understand your
money personality.

Money Habitudes®
Trusted by professionals for 15 years

Quickly get money personality reports.

Money Habitudes®
Financial planners, therapists and
educators can send codes to clients
and students.

Talking about Money can be hard. But it’s easy with Money Habitudes.

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It’s simple: Read some statements. Decide if you agree or disagree with each. Whether you use the cards or the online version, you’ll get instant feedback about your money personality — your financial habits and attitudes.


Money Habitudes Online

A quick, fun and effective way to help clients discover their money personality. Users get a personalized report. Plans available for professionals: financial planners, therapists, financial educators.

Money Habitudes Cards

A money personality staple, Money Habitudes cards have been the go-to resource for talking about money for more than 15 years. Fun and non-threatening, they’re available for Adults (English, Spanish) and Teens.

Branded Cards

Add your own logo, branding, contact information and more to decks of Money Habitudes cards. Customize a panel on the box and a double-sided card in each deck. Great for giveaways and workshops.


A number of companion guides help you better use Money Habitudes cards, while offering additional questions, financial conversation starters, and insights into money personality issues.

Training DVD

Better understand financial habits and attitudes and how to use Money Habitudes cards with this DVD. For financial, counseling and coaching professionals working with clients.

Teen Financial Curriculum

This fun and easy curriculum helps teens identify financial patterns and how those affect their relationships and goals. Winner of an Excellence In Financial Literacy Education Award.

Over 100 Articles in Academic & Consumer Publications

What our Users Say About Us

Money Habitudes helps professionals and their clients.

  • Money Habitudes is an engaging, non-threatening way to help people recognize patterns and perspectives on money.

    Sally Massey Wiebe, BHEc, AFCC Financial Counsellor, Community Financial Counselling Services
  • After playing with Money Habitudes cards, subsequent discussions about money issues are likely to feel less emotionally loaded.

    Susan Heitler, Ph.D. clinical psychologist & author of From Conflict to Resolution
  • It has really opened up some fantastic conversations and helps to build relationship and understanding with clients.

    Scott Malcolm, CFP Director, Money Mechanics Pty Ltd

Money Habitudes® is trusted by thousands of Financial Planners, Educators, Therapists, Universities & Non-Profits.


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