Money Habitudes in Catholic School Classes

Where: Immaculate Heart Academy, a Catholic college prep high school in Washington, NJ What: Piloted Money Habitudes cards in psychology and finance classes Who: Stephanie Licata, campus minister [...]

Can money make you happy?

This is a topic that seems to get revisited every year around Black Friday and the holiday shopping season: Can money buy happiness? This recent iteration from The Oklahoman has Bill Sones and [...]

CFSI’s Underbanked Solutions Exchange: Innovation & Consumer Insights

The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) is really well respected in the field of unbanked and underbanked financial services. An interesting quote in advance of the meeting that [...]

9 Money Questions Before Marriage

In her “Top 9 Money Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married,” Maria Lin (@marialinnyc) says: “Before marriage, all kinds of lovely conversations ensue: How many kids? What should we [...]

Bank On It: Thrifty Couples Are The Happiest

Findings from Bank On It: Thrifty  Couples Are The  Happiest: Newlywed couples who take on substantial consumer debt become less happy in their marriages over time. By contrast, newlywed couples [...]

Can’t Buy Me Love: Materialistic Couples Have More Money, Problems

From the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy … Scholars at Brigham Young University studied 1,734 married couples across the United States. Each couple completed a relationship [...]

5 Financial Mistakes That Ruin Your Marriage

In this article, Nancy Anderson, a Forbes contributor, identifies the “5 Financial Mistakes That Ruin Your Marriage” as: Materialism – valuing “things” or money over the relationship. Having [...]

Trending Topics in Psychotherapy: Money, Politics, & Couples

Dr. Nando Pelusi, contributing editor to Psychology Today magazine and a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice inNew York City, continues with this November series on [...]

Kahneman TED talk

A TED talk with behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman on “Experience vs. memory” On a related note, this recent story, “Behavioral Economics Foils an Obama Tax Cut?” from Bloomberg BusinessWeek [...]

Money Attitudes in Basketball

From, Tom Haberstroh’s “The predictably irrational NBA lockout” takes a look at how emotions around money come into play in basketball as seen in the NBA lockout… Ariely [...]