Financial Marriage and Relationship Class: Talking About Money

Having already covered financial education classes and career workshops, this post addresses how Money Habitudes is used in a marriage or relationship class on finances. The example is drawn from [...]

Career workshop and classes on money personality

I just posted that Money Habitudes cards are used all the time in a variety of financial education seminars, job classes and the like. Well, here’s a good example of a career workshop using Money [...]

Community financial education classes using Money Habitudes cards

This is a common example of how community organizations use Money Habitudes cards in their financial education classes. Although we often hear about such financial education classes, in many [...]

Money stress, Financial understanding, Talking about money

The American Psychological Association (APA) just released its report: Stress in America: Our Health At Risk. Of course, the number one cause of stress is money. What’s Causing Stress in America? [...]

Identifying Your Money Personality and Money Type

What is your Money Personality Type There are a number of money personality types and money psychology personality tests that exist. All speak to the psychology of money, recognizing that our [...]

Marriage Counseling, Getting a Divorce: What to do when you fight about money?

Want a divorce? Why couples get divorced? There are a lot of reasons for divorce. However, studies show the most common reason why a husband and wife fight, go to marriage counseling and end a [...]

Financial education ice breaker: finding a good conversation starter

Financial education, boring classes and ice breakers Both students and teachers know that it’s often hard to make money and finances interesting. And financial education classes suffer from low [...]

Catholic Marriage and Money: Finances in Marriage Prep, PreCana

Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s a recognition of the role of money in marriage. We see an increasing number of Catholic archdioceses, dioceses and parishes including instruction on finances in [...]

Financial Therapy: Credit Profile of Low-Income Families, Financial Empowerment Model

The latest issue of the Financial Therapy Association’s Journal of Financial Therapy just came out. The association and journal are concerned with the link between personal financial [...]

Cash Tracking and Money Psychology

Just heard about Tweet What You Spend on the radio. While it’s not what I thought it was originally, it does address a real issue: cash tracking. (Granted, if you’re going to pull out [...]