A personal finance game in financial education outreach

Like other colleges, Texas Tech understands that it’s important to introduce people to personal finance early in their lives. And Texas Tech also understands that it’s important to [...]

Money personality assessment results – Money Habitudes

Here’s a real money personality type assessment using the Money Habitudes card sorting process: That’s me (statements that describe my money personality type) Targeted Goals 9 [...]

Community college financial education for Money Smart Week

Here’s a real example of how a community college is developing a financial education workshop. It’s based on using Money Habitudes cards: Harper’s Money Smart Week presents: Money [...]

Community college and university personal financial literacy classes

Financial literacy may not be a graduation requirement at a university, college or community college. However, it is important that students have real financial capability. Why does personal [...]

Prisoner reentry programs and financial education

Prisoner reentry programs often include personal financial education within a variety of other life skills classes. This may be in prisons, jails or community programs. They may include money [...]

Community College Money Management Classes: Teaching Personal Finance

Who: Leslie Tomlinson with Student Support Services at Northwest-Shoals Community College in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. What: As part of the college’s Student Support Services grant through the US [...]

Money Fight: learning how to talk about money

Couples often find themselves engaged in a money fight. To this end, fighting about money comes up in two recent surveys: Yahoo! Finance Financially Fit Survey from Yahoo! and Fitness Magazine [...]

Talk About Money: 6 Money Languages

There are a variety of personality tests and inventories that are used in marriage and relationship education. A popular one is Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. As the book explains: As people [...]

Financial Education and Relationship Education in Prisons and Inmate Reentry Programs

Who: Ronald Brewer, Director of Education, People of Principle, based in Midland, TX. What: Marriages are subject to a variety of stresses. Few are greater than having one spouse incarcerated. It [...]

For couples: How to talk about money

Many financial articles begin, “Start by talking about money with your spouse, partner or fiancé.” Much of the advice from financial professionals also begins this way. It may be, [...]