Financial habits, attitudes, behaviors in money classes

The Issue: How to start a series of money classes with an engaging session that covers financial habits, attitudes and behaviors. Who: Jean Dempster and Janet Smith are Asset Development Trainers [...]

Bonus financial conversation starters for individuals, couples & counselors

Usually when people use Money Habitudes as financial conversation starters, they stick to the usual money personality instructions. In the typical solitaire sort, people get to see their money [...]

Teaching personal finance to foster care youth

The new “Protecting the Credit of Youth in Foster Care” guide recommends using Money Habitudes.  The foster care report was prepared for the Annie E. Casey Foundation by Jennifer [...]

themes in marriage and finances statistics

We track and list marriage and finances statistics because they tell part of the story behind why people use Money Habitudes. After all, what marriage and finances statistics show is that money [...]

How to discuss money in a good way

It’s important to know how to discuss money. This is true if you are discussing money with a friend, sibling, parent, partner or spouse. It’s also important for professionals like [...]

How to understand your spending behavior

Your spending behavior is how you regularly, almost automatically use your money. Of course, inherent in one’s spending behavior are the times when one does not spend, i.e., saving [...]

Teaching a better money class

If you’re a financial educator, how can you teach a better money class? Here are some tips. Tips to teach a better money class No matter if you’re working with adults or teens, a [...]

Low literacy financial education materials

About a year ago, we started studying how to produce materials for low literacy audiences. (The result was our new version of award-winning Money Habitudes for Adults, released in November.) Why? [...]

Tips: How to write low-literacy financial education materials

A few months ago, we released a new version of our Money Habitudes cards. This version is written with low-literacy financial education audiences in mind. All of the money personality statements [...]