Which version of Money Habitudes is right for you?

MoMoney Habitudes comes in versions for Money Habitudes versions for adults, young adults, teens and Spanishney Habitudes is a game-like toolkit in the form of a deck of cards. The simple but effective tool is used as a conversation starter, an ice breaker, a money personality test, and a stand-alone activity or a module as part of other programs or in counseling sessions.



Which version of Money Habitudes cards to use?

  • Money Habitudes for Adults: Generally used with people age 25 and older.
  • Money Habitudes II: for young adults 18-25.  It is recommended when working with college, the military, teens who are living more independently and people starting out. They work well when used in inter-generational programs, family groups and in situations such as the military, college and community programs where most of the people are in their twenties, but older adults and teens are also included.
  • Money Habitudes for Teens: for high school age teens, generally 15-18
  • Hábitos Monetarios: Money Habitudes (for Adults) in Spanish. Translated from the 2009 English version for Adults.

How all versions are the same:

  • Formatting, directions and use.
  • Color-coding:
    • Green card (directions to play Money Habitudes Solitaire)
    • Blue cards (three sorting cards for Money Habitudes Solitaire)
    • Yellow cards (two general interpretation cards and an interpretation card for each of the six Habitudes with suggestions for next steps on the back)
    • White statement cards (54 cards divided by nine statements for each of the six Habitudes on the front, coded by pictures for each of the six Habitudes on the back.)

Habitudes names for different versions:

The latest (2012) Adult version (in English) uses updated graphics and colors and standardizes the Habitudes names with the Teen and Money Habitudes II versions.

Adult (2012 version)

Adult (2003, 2006, 2009)

Money Habitudes II


Hábitos Monetarios (Spanish)

Security – gray vaultSecurity – black lockSecurity – black lockSecurity – black lockSecurity – black lock
Spontaneous – red fireworksSpontaneous – purple fireworksSpontaneous – green personSpontaneous – green personSpontaneous – purple fireworks
Giving – green treeSelfless – blue birdGiving – blue handGiving – blue handSelfless – blue bird
Carefree – yellow kiteFree Spirit – green swirlCarefree – yellow kiteCarefree – yellow kiteFree Spirit – green swirl
Status – purple starStatus – orange catStatus – gold starStatus – blue starStatus – orange cat
Planning – blue notepadTargeted Goals – red targetPlanning – blue notepadPlanning – blue notepadTargeted Goals – red target



The statements are written to be age-appropriate for the different t versions. For example, the Teen cards mention parents more frequently as opposed to friends and family. The 2012 Adult version was rigorously revised so that none of the statements exceed a 5th grade reading level. Two typical side-by-side comparisons of the same card in the different versions are as follows:

Money Habitudes for Adults

Money Habitudes II

Money Habitudes for Teens

 I will hide the fact that I am having money problems. Even if I can’t afford it, I will spend money to keep up a good image. I never let anyone know if I’m out of money. I just pretend I forgot to bring money or charge it to my credit card. I never let anyone know if I’m out of money. I just pretend I forgot to bring it.
 When I go shopping, I have to buy something. I always spend some money when I’m someplace where things are for sale. When I go shopping or hang out at the mall or downtown, I always spend some money.