AHA! Insights – Money Personality Assessment

Money personality insights about the psychology of moneyWhen people see their unique money personality using Money Habitudes cards, the most common reaction is: That’s really me!

Building on this self-awareness, they are then frequently surprised to learn how:

  • their money habits and money attitudes influence their life and financial choices.
  • they might use their Habitudes money personality more intentionally to reach their goals.
  • overusing a Habitude type may be what is sabotaging their financial, relationship, or career goals.

New Money Personality Perspectives

They often understand for the first time why they have a reputation for being “cheap” or “accomplished” when they hadn’t seen it in themselves.

On the other hand, the reaction to the Money Habitudes sorting process may be: I’m not like that! Yet, after reading the money personality interpretation and statement cards, people usually see that their financial behavior does fall into a pattern they were completely unaware of.  The non-judgmental format makes this easy to see and accept without defensiveness, opening the door to a variety of next-steps.

As couples do the card sort, they discover:

  • their money money personalities are quite similar, which they didn’t appreciate because they only focused on their differences.
  • where they fight about money is where they balance each other in positive ways.
  • how having similar financial personalities may be working for or against them.
  • new and important information about their partner as gleaned from stories sparked by the statement cards.

Understanding what has motivated your behavior or influenced the people around you can be a real AHA! moment.

Unexpected Money Conversation

Money Habitudes is a fun, hands-on money personality test that feels like a game. As a conversation starter, it gets people to talk about money in a good way. People share valuable information they otherwise would have withheld because they didn’t feel comfortable or did not believe it was relevant. And because the statement cards were designed to be subjective, they lead to clarifying conversations when individuals share what they were thinking as they read the cards.

Unanticipated Money Patterns

Each statement card can spark a money conversation, but seeing one’s combination of money personality types is even more powerful. People are frequently surprised at the pattern that emerges. Often if they would have predicted their dominant Habitude money type, they would not have realized it was as strong as it is or realized another Habitude was also strongly influencing their actions.

Unseen Money Connections

Money serves as a proxy for many other important life issues. Therefore, one’s relationship with money can provide insights into self-image, relationships, career and other life choices. And since money issues never exist in a vacuum, people may discover that their money issue is not related to a lack of skills or knowledge about managing or investing money, but to personal or communication issues.

Positive Outcomes

Money Habitudes cards also allow professionals to gain insight on the psychology of money. The personality tool helps one successfully approach a client and identify triggers that will be relevant and motivating.