Great Money Conversations – Talk About Money

Talking About Money and the Psychology of MoneyMoney Habitudes cards help people talk about money and the psychology of money. They start positive, effective money conversations because they are:



Because it feels like a fun card game, people see the ice breaker activity as a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Whether the money issues are positive or difficult, being able to feel at ease and laugh makes it easier to talk about money. The activity makes it easy to identify financial challenges (and see how they relate to relationship problems, career decisions, etc.), producing successful outcomes.

Non-threatening and Non-judgmental

With Money Habitudes cards, there are no right or wrong answers. There are no perfect results. No derogatory labels. No winners or losers. No blame. The personality test aspect of the activity provides clarity but doesn’t mandate change. Instead, the exercise lets people assess themselves honestly. It’s also a way to discover their personal financial tendencies and understand the potential advantages and challenges of their unique money personality.


People dread money conversations. They can be emotional, stressful and ignite conflict. The discord can be from financial disagreements and outright fighting about money. Or it can be dealing with changes in income or life circumstances such as: marriage, divorce, job loss, birth, retirement, etc.  Money Habitudes offers a way to think and talk about money proactively during quiet times while also providing a constructive conversation framework for difficult times.


Like an interactive game, the playing card format appeals to different ages and learning styles. It is hands-on, visually engaging and feels friendly and approachable. There’s no financial jargon, no math. It’s not one more form or spreadsheet assessment to fill out. It’s not an intimidating personality inventory. There are no negative associations with tests, worksheets, budgets and endless paperwork. It’s a welcome break from yet another PowerPoint, lecture or series of probing questions. And it’s super easy to use: the basic Money Habitudes directions fit on one playing card.


Money Habitudes statement cards introduce topics that instantly spark interesting, important memories, stories and connections. Understanding what we’re like today and why we act and think the way we do opens doors that makes it easier to talk about money — and hear others too. Feeling understood and respected makes money conversations easier.


Statements are thought-provoking and address the most common topics associated with strengths and challenges faced by individuals, couples and groups. The questions generally apply to people, regardless of financial means (low-to-moderate income, LMI, through those with great wealth), education, lifestyle or culture.