A Fun and Easy Money Personality Test

Money personality is important, but what is it? In the same way that people have different personalities, we also all have a different money personality. We all see and relate to money in different ways. But how do you know what your money personality is? A money personality test While you may have a sense […]

Budgeting and Personal Finance Classes in Relationship Education

The Issue: How to deliver effective budgeting and personal finance classes within healthy relationship education. Who: Deborah Gunn is the program manager for First Things First’s federally funded Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grant. First Things First is an award-winning not-for-profit dedicated to strengthening families in Hamilton County, Tennessee through relationship education, collaboration and mobilization. What: Through […]

Youth Financial Empowerment Initiative: Financial Literacy for Parents and Kids

The Issue: How to get parents and kids to feel comfortable discussing financial topics in a long-term financial literacy program – and better relate to each other around the difficult topic of money. Who: Tarin L. Washington is Program Associate at The Collaborative, a private, nonprofit serving North Carolina. It is the lead agency for North […]

Transitioning from Financial Literacy Seminars to Financial Counseling

The Issue: How to get more people to feel comfortable attending financial literacy classes – and then to seek out financial counseling. An important component is to help people understand that improving one’s finances is often about more than just the math or doing a budget. Who: Sally Massey Wiebe is a Financial Counsellor with […]

Financial Capability in a Life Skills Program: Foster Kids Transitioning out of Foster Care

The Issue: How to better prepare foster kids transitioning out of the foster care system; this includes financial capability , among other life skills modules. Who: Meghann Shutt, program manager for financial security at Baltimore CASH Campaign. The organization received a grant to participate in Maryland’s Ready by 21 program for foster kids. What: Geared for […]

How to increase attendance in financial literacy programs: 10 ways

Financial education programs can be hard to fill up. Here are some ideas to increase attendance in financial education classes: Frame it differently. Attending financial education programs can be seen as “being in trouble.” Because no one wants to be “in trouble,” people are not likely to come to a financial literacy class. So you […]

Financial Education and Relationship Classes that are Fun and Engaging

The Issue: How to get servicemembers – and their spouses – to want to attend financial education and relationship education classes and come back for more. Who: Gary Strickland, chief of the Airman and Family Readiness Center (AFRC) at Mountain Home Air Force Base. What: Mountain Home Air Force Base revolves around the 366th Fighter […]

Couples counseling meets financial counseling

The Issue: How to get counseling clients to talk about money issues in a constructive, nonjudgmental manner; blending financial counseling and couples counseling. Who: Ben Vos, LPC, is a therapist in Brentwood, TN. He works with individuals, couples and families. Vos has developed a specialty in substance abuse and addiction issues. Much of his couples […]

Integrating the Emotional and Behavioral Aspects of Personal Finance into Financial Education

The Issue: How to effectively train financial educators and coaches about the behavioral and emotional side of personal finance so they better understand the concepts and themselves and are thus better able to help their clients and students. Who: Robin McKinney, MSW, is the director and co-founder of the Maryland CASH Campaign. A veteran of […]

Making Financial Planning Classes Relevant and Engaging

The Issue: How to get participants in financial planning classes to look at how and why they spend and save. Also, how to talk about money in a fun, non-threatening and engaging way. Who: Robert Cain is an investment advisor in Scottsdale, AZ with Arque Capital Ltd. What: Cain has used Money Habitudes cards in […]

Financial literacy classes: transitional housing & supportive housing

The goal of supportive housing and transitional housing programs is to provide housing. But organizations providing housing assistance often also provide financial literacy education. Why? Because people who need housing assistance typically need more than just housing assistance. With an asset building approach, transitional housing programs also teach clients how to make smarter financial choices. […]

Financial literacy classes: FINRA Smart [email protected] library

A number of libraries offer financial literacy classes using Money Habitudes through FINRA grants and the Smart [email protected] library® initiative. One such institution is the Jackson District Library, Jackson, MI. FINRA grants for financial literacy classes at libraries FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. FINRA’s Investor Education Foundation and the American Library Association (ALA) are […]

Extension workshop based on Money Habitudes

Billed as a “fun interactive way to talk about the difficult topic of money in a fun, nonjudgmental and constructive way,” this is an example of an Extension workshop based on Money Habitudes. A way to engage a new audience on career choices and financial education, this money values workshop goes beyond using Money Habitudes […]

Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money: How It Affects Career & Relationships

This “Relationship with Money” workshop was geared for career and workforce development professionals. In this train-the-trainer case sponsored by Career Counselors Consortium Northeast, it is professionals who are exploring the relationship with money; many other Money Habitudes career classes reach end-user students or clients. Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money Title: Money Habitudes: Identifying Your […]

Talking about money: a marriage education program in Melbourne, Australia

This marriage education program in Melbourne, Australia uses Money Habitudes cards. Put on by CatholicCare, it highlights the importance that money plays in couples’ relationships. Talking about money in a marriage education program This class shares some similarities with other marriage and relationship classes that use Money Habitudes cards. For therapists and marriage and relationship […]

WVU Financial EmployeeFest – Employee Benefits Fair

In order to show how organizations really use Money Habitudes cards in employee benefits workshops, here’s an example of a financial seminar for university employees, at West Virginia University. Many Money Habitudes financial education classes are taught by Extension educators. For financial educators, there are a number of case studies that highlight how Money Habitudes […]

Habits and Attitudes Affect How You Use Money

In order to show how organizations really use Money Habitudes cards in financial workshops, here’s an example of an upcoming financial seminar in Bloomington, Illinois. It’s taught by an Extension educator and will be conducted at a bank. For financial educators, there are a number of case studies that highlight how Money Habitudes is being […]

Financial Literacy Curriculum Wins Financial Education Award

We just won an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award (EIFLE) for our financial literacy curriculum. The awards are given by the Institute for Financial Literacy. Awards were presented at the Annual Conference on Financial Education. Money Habitudes Financial Literacy Curriculum: Overview Our financial literacy curriculum for teens is Money Habitudes: How to be Rich […]

Financial Lifestyle Planning Workshop Example

We’ve been posting some examples of how Money Habitudes users actually use the financial cards in workshops,  financial planning seminars, counseling sessions, etc. This is an example of a Financial Lifestyle Planning Workshop in Tampa, FL. The  financial planning seminar, Financial Lifestyle Planning Workshop: Will I Be OK?, will be conduced by Holly P. Thomas. Thomas […]

Financial Education for Supportive Housing and Transitional Housing Programs

The issue: How to build trust with supportive housing and transitional housing clients and help them better understand their spending habits; how to make positive behavior changes. Make financial education classes more engaging and relevant – especially because they aren’t mandatory for supportive and transitional housing clients. Who: Donna Stallings, Case Manager and VIDA Coordinator […]

Financial Life Skills for Teen Parents

The Issue: How to get single teen parents to better understand money messages and financial wants and needs in an engaging atmosphere. Who: Rebecca Phipps, LPC, professional counselor and coordinator of the Between Us program at Catholic Charities Oregon. It operates under the national Healthy Marriage Initiative. What: Phipps teaches life skills and financial literacy […]

Spending habits: understanding and changing

When it comes to understanding spending habits, people often forget that they are just that: spending habits. What is a habit? an acquired behavior pattern that is followed regularly so that it is almost involuntary Examples of spending habits Spending habits are often contextual. You spend the same way with the same set of conditions. […]

A personal finance game in financial education outreach

Like other colleges, Texas Tech understands that it’s important to introduce people to personal finance early in their lives. And Texas Tech also understands that it’s important to make personal finance fun, approachable and relevant. College Financial Education Week Red to Black is an outreach initiative of Texas Tech’s Personal Financial Planning group. This year […]

Money personality assessment results – Money Habitudes

Here’s a real money personality type assessment using the Money Habitudes card sorting process: That’s me (statements that describe my money personality type) Targeted Goals 9 Selfless 4 Security 2 Status 1 Free Spirit 0 Spontaneous 0 sub-total 16 That’s not me (statements that do not describe my money personality type) Free Spirit 8 Spontaneous […]

Community college financial education for Money Smart Week

Here’s a real example of how a community college is developing a financial education workshop. It’s based on using Money Habitudes cards: Harper’s Money Smart Week presents: Money Habitudes for Students When:Tuesday, April 24, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Cost: FREE Money Habitudes is a fun and easy way to discover the role money […]

Community college and university personal financial literacy classes

Financial literacy may not be a graduation requirement at a university, college or community college. However, it is important that students have real financial capability. Why does personal financial literacy matter for university and community college students? According to the 2008 Jump$tart Coalition personal financial literacy survey, funded by Merrill Lynch Foundation, high school seniors […]

Prisoner reentry programs and financial education

Prisoner reentry programs often include personal financial education within a variety of other life skills classes. This may be in prisons, jails or community programs. They may include money management in a variety of ways, but the rationale is much the same: Why prisoner reentry programs include personal financial education: With most offender reentry programs, […]

Community College Money Management Classes: Teaching Personal Finance

Who: Leslie Tomlinson with Student Support Services at Northwest-Shoals Community College in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. What: As part of the college’s Student Support Services grant through the US Department of Education’s TRIO program, the program must offer a variety of seminars to all recipients. One of these requirements is personal economic literacy. Who: Located on […]

Money Fight: learning how to talk about money

Couples often find themselves engaged in a money fight. To this end, fighting about money comes up in two recent surveys: Yahoo! Finance Financially Fit Survey from Yahoo! and Fitness Magazine (November 2011) YourTango.com Survey Both reassert what we already know: often couples fight about money. Further, it’s difficult for couples to talk about money. […]

Talk About Money: 6 Money Languages

There are a variety of personality tests and inventories that are used in marriage and relationship education. A popular one is Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. As the book explains: As people come in all varieties, shapes, and sizes, so do their choices of personal expressions of love. But more often than not, the giver […]

Financial Education and Relationship Education in Prisons and Inmate Reentry Programs

Who: Ronald Brewer, Director of Education, People of Principle, based in Midland, TX. What: Marriages are subject to a variety of stresses. Few are greater than having one spouse incarcerated. It is in this prison environment that People of Principle works to strengthen marriages. Operating under a federal grant for Healthy Marriage Promotion and Responsible […]

For couples: How to talk about money

Many financial articles begin, “Start by talking about money with your spouse, partner or fiancé.” Much of the advice from financial professionals also begins this way. It may be, “You should talk about money and then … make a budget.” enroll in a debt management course.” take the following steps to work on your family’s […]

Teaching personal finance using money management games

Money management games help people learn better ways to spend and save. Popular money management games include the Stock Market Game and a variety of offerings developed by Cooperative Extension (such as the Allowance Game). Yet, personal finance is often taught not with interactive games and relevant scenarios. Instead, many classes and seminars that teach […]

Financial Marriage and Relationship Class: Talking About Money

Having already covered financial education classes and career workshops, this post addresses how Money Habitudes is used in a marriage or relationship class on finances. The example is drawn from a relationship class about money, done by the Portland Relationship Center in Oregon. (A similar, shorter Money Habitudes-based relationship class happened to be posted online […]

Career workshop and classes on money personality

I just posted that Money Habitudes cards are used all the time in a variety of financial education seminars, job classes and the like. Well, here’s a good example of a career workshop using Money Habitudes. In this case, it’s a career seminar called “Money Habitudes: A Workshop for Identifying How Money Affects Career Decision, […]

Community financial education classes using Money Habitudes cards

This is a common example of how community organizations use Money Habitudes cards in their financial education classes. Although we often hear about such financial education classes, in many cases, they are never posted online and we’re not aware of them. There’s probably someone running a financial capability class every day somewhere using Money Habitudes. […]

Money stress, Financial understanding, Talking about money

The American Psychological Association (APA) just released its report: Stress in America: Our Health At Risk. Of course, the number one cause of stress is money. What’s Causing Stress in America? The APA stress report finds sources of stress are: money stress (75 percent) work stress (70 percent) economic stress (67 percent) stress from relationships […]

Identifying Your Money Personality and Money Type

What is your Money Personality Type There are a number of money personality types and money psychology personality tests that exist. All speak to the psychology of money, recognizing that our spending and saving often has a habits, attitudes, emotions and values component, rather than simply a logical and rational one. Money is an emotional […]

Marriage Counseling, Getting a Divorce: What to do when you fight about money?

Want a divorce? Why couples get divorced? There are a lot of reasons for divorce. However, studies show the most common reason why a husband and wife fight, go to marriage counseling and end a marriage is money. According to PayPal’s third annual “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey, the top reasons why couples fight are: […]

Financial education ice breaker: finding a good conversation starter

Financial education, boring classes and ice breakers Both students and teachers know that it’s often hard to make money and finances interesting. And financial education classes suffer from low turnout or enrollment. Even when participants show up,  they often come away thinking that the material was boring or at least not fun. Of course it’s hard […]