How to use Money Habitudes

Money Habitudes cards were designed to be super simple to use and understand. While the hands-on cards are trusted by very experienced financial advisers and therapists, they are also so user-friendly that they’re used by regular individuals and couples at home. Because the cards are written in simple language and don’t require any knowledge of finance, they’re used effectively across the spectrum of age, income and education. The cards are available in English and Spanish.

How the tool is employed, the degree of knowledge that a facilitator brings to bear and what comes out of the activity varies. However, what doesn’t change is that learning how to do the basic Money Habitudes sorting activity is fun and takes only a few minutes.

A very flexible, versatile tool, Money Habitudes cards can be used in a wide variety of ways. Guidebooks and in-person or over-the-phone trainings help more advanced users get more value — and provide their students and clients more value — from the Money Habitudes cards.

Learn how to do the most common activity, Money Habitudes Solitaire, and then quickly and easily interpret your results.