Speaking and Training

Participants’ comments on evaluations

Excellent! Dynamic speaker, personal and practical.
She knows her work and is easy to relate to.
Easily conforms to the needs of the audience.
One of my favorites of the whole conference.

Popular speaker: money personality, psychology of money

Sharing personal stories and her experiences working with others, Syble quickly engages audiences. She speaks about money personality, and the psychology of money. In no time, people are thinking of their own money stories and considering their own relationship with money with new eyes.  Using the latest research on how the brain works, she simplifies this complex topic so everyone can understand why we do stupid things or act irrationally even when we know better … and what we can do to change that if we want to.  She identifies six major influences that shape our money habits and attitudes to clarify why some of us can’t part with a penny while others never have a dime to their name … and why those two types often marry each other!  Quick-paced, relevant and pragmatic, everyone leaves with new insights and ideas to move forward.

Creator of Award-Winning Money Habitudes

Think money is a taboo topic and more difficult to talk about than sex?  No more! Money Habitudes is a game-like activity that makes it fun and easy to have great conversations and discover your money personality.  Syble designed Money Habitudes as a visual and hands-on tool that looks like a familiar deck of cards that people associate with an enjoyable social activity. The wording is non-judgmental and positive.  All the Habitudes are good.  Any Habitude overused can be a challenge.  There are no right or wrong answers or winning combination of cards.  The result?  Everyone relaxes and has the best conversations ever about money.

Bonus:  Your financial future can be found in this unique deck of cards!  How much money you have is depends on what you do with what you have.  Seriously, it’s more important than how much you earn, inherit or win!  This simple card game provides instant insights into what motivates what you do and how this can help you succeed, or not.


  • The Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education:  The Mary Ellen Edmondston Educator of the Year.
  • The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education:  The Smart Marriages Impact Award
  • Quoted in the news:  MSN Money, USA Today, CBS Money Watch, Bankrate.com and Readers Digest.