Syble Solomon is a motivational speaker with an informative message about the psychology of money. She speaks to audiences from small training seminars to conference keynotes. In all settings, she interacts with the group and finds ways for them to personally connect to their Money Habitudes. Syble’s most popular audiences include:

Professionals and Entrepreneurs – help them understand how their own habits and attitudes about money support or sabotage their career, impact their relationship with clients and influence whether they will be successful in achieving their business and financial goals. For example, how do money attitudes and habits affect the way they charge for their products or services? How does one’s money personality affect the way they develop their marketing plan or fundraising campaign?

Financial Planners and Financial Advisors – help them quickly assess clients’ risk tolerance, develop rapport, build trust, engage in productive client conversations. Also gain insight into how couples may complement or conflict when managing and investing money.

Asset Building, Financial Educators and Counselors – help them and their clients identify the messages and triggers that lead to budgeting success or failure. The cards are effective with individuals, couples or groups in private or class settings when teaching money management skills such as budgeting and credit and debt management.

Educators Teaching Financial Literacy to Teens or Adults – go beyond numbers and budgets and help participants    understand the hidden messages that influence their behavior regarding money.

Business consultants – work with business partners and executive teams who are starting or expanding a business and determining long-term strategic goals.

Pre-marital and marriage educators –  provide a way to communicate without judgment and identify the underlying issues about couples’ money fights.

Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches –  discover the relationship between clients’ Money Habitudes and their choices relating to their careers, relationship and other life issues.

Life Planners and Life Coaches – discover how one’s relationship with money can be a metaphor for one’s relationship with life issues since money can represent control, power, vulnerability, status, etc.