Upcoming Events

Syble Solomon speaks about the psychology of money, money personality, behavioral finance, money management games, spending habits and financial habits and attitudes. She also does trainings and seminars on Money Habitudes.

  • July 9-11 Financial Therapy Association (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico)
  • July 14 & 16 teaching credit webinar for The Counselor’s Corner
  • September 15 Marine & Family training event (Quantico, VA)
  • October 7 Credit Counselling Canada: Supercharge your Credit Counselling Program with Money Habitudes
  • October 15 Forest County Potowatomi Community (WI)
  • October 21 AFCPE webinar on The Good Credit Game
  • November 10¬†Credit Counselling Canada: 7 E’sy Steps to Success with Resistant Clients
  • January 26 North Carolina Social Work Conference
  • January 27¬† Teaching Credit webinar for The Counselor’s Corner
  • March 1-3 IFA Business Strategy Day (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne)