Speaking Testimonials

Testimonials and Feedback: Keynote and Featured Speaker

Your presentation was awesome.

Kathy Elliott
Vice President, Small Business
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Among the very best rated speakers at WIN!

Kristin Engvig
Founder and President
W.I.N. (Women’s International Networking Conference)
Geneva, Switzerland

You hit the nail right on the head. You were fantastic!

Sue Matz
North Carolina Association of Professional Fundraisers

I was thoroughly impressed with Money Habitudes and was intrigued with your comments about some of the behavior patterns, particularly mine.

Charles Tuttle
Renaissance Executive Forums of the Triad

Thank you so much. The delegates really had a great time with your presentation.

Yinka Fayomi
FIN (Foreign Investment Network-London, England)

Entertaining … Educational … Engaging … and somewhat surprising!
… Helped spouses verbalize areas of discussion on money that is often difficult to do since it is “hot topic” subject in many relationships.

Joyce McDowall
Director, Office of Family Ministry
Diocese of Bismarck

Congratulations on your wonderful keynote (again!) and I saw your workshop was rated the very best of all our workshops this year!

Anna Persson
Conference Logistics
WIN  (Women’s International Networking), Prague

Dynamic speaker, personal and practical … She knows her work and is easy to relate to … Easily conforms to the needs of the audience … One of my favorites of the whole conference …

Participant comments on conference evaluation
Smart Marriages Conference
Orlando, FL (rated #8 out of 140 workshops and one of the top 14 keynote presenters for an audience of 1500+)

Once again, you have received rave reviews…Excellent opening keynote!

Andrea Marafino
Conference Coordinator and Director, Economic Advancement for Women
YWCA Tucson

Thank you for presenting two outstanding educational sessions [the Brain Games for Success plenary keynote and the Money Habitudes workshop training] … conference participants conveyed their appreciation, saying that this is exactly the kind of programming needed to advance their professional development.

Barbara A. Woods, Ph.D., CFCS
North Carolina Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

You were wonderful. I had people coming up to me after you spoke yesterday and today and each said how much they got out of your presentation.

Diane M. Rumley, CPA
Co-chair, Executive Women’s Conference
Greensboro, NC Chamber of Commerce

Testimonials and Feedback: Workshops and Trainings

Excellent presenter and resource … Such a novel idea to look at the way we learn about money and correlate it to career choice … Very helpful!

Participant comments on conference evaluation
MACCA (Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association) Conference

I found the breakout sessions by Lori and Syble to be the most valuable of those I attended.

Workshop participant’s comments on conference evaluation
State Farm Insurance Coaching Conference

We came in thinking “It’s about money, this is going to be another one of those boring budget workshops.” But then we started reflecting on the way we handle our money and everyone was really inspired to make the necessary changes.

Helen Guda
Aruba Learning