Topics and Training

Through her engaging presentations – whether keynote speeches or in-depth training – Syble Solomon helps people discover the role money plays in their lives. She explains the psychology of money and how money personality types manifest themselves. Each keynote presentation is specific to the audience. Examples are used to help individuals use the information in their own life or work. Workshops are also available to train professionals to use the cards with their clients.

Syble’s speeches range from focused training sessions for professionals to conference keynote presentations. In all settings, she interacts with the group and finds ways for them to personally connect to their Money Habitudes.


  • Identifying your own money personality: How and why you spend, save, invest, go into debt, give to charity the way you do, and your strengths and challenges.
  • Money and Relationships. Understanding the psychology of money within the context of relationships and marriage.
  • Why people who are financial opposites attract, why their differences around money both frustrate and enrich their shared life; with tips to deal with a spouse or business partner who is different than you. This is often characterized by a typical “saver” who marries a “spender” dilemma.
  • Simple, practical advice about how to talk about the sensitive topic of money, tailored to talking with a client, student, financial advisor, spouse or child.
  • The role of money personality in building assets and saving; supplementing skills-only approaches.

Training and Workshops

  • How to use and interpret Money Habitudes as a training, teaching or assessment tool. Explanation of other uses of Money Habitudes and train-the-trainer sessions.
  • Advanced techniques and interpretation of Money Habitudes results.
  • Talking about money with clients.