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What is a Hab·i·tude?


A Habitude is a combination of habits and attitudes that reveal the ingrained thoughts, feelings and behaviors that influence our decisions and actions.

Reveal which Habitudes guide your clients

Used by financial professionals, coaches, therapists, educators and more to engage people in a topic that is often difficult to discuss, leading to more relevant, effective and individualized strategies.


Money helps you feel safe and secure.


Money helps you achieve your goals.


Money helps you create a positive image.


Money helps you feel good by giving to others.


Money helps you to enjoy the moment.


Money is not a priority

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Why Money Habitudes

No Jargon. No Numbers. User Friendly & Instant Insights.

Money is one of the most difficult topics to discuss. Money Habitudes is the quickest and most effective way to relate to clients so you, and they, better understand how their habits and attitudes influence their financial choices. Use Money Habitudes Online, or for a more hands-on experience, try our card deck format!

Fast, Easy Game Format

The non-threatening game format simply asks players if certain statements describe them. They either sort cards or click on a button. The entire game takes 10-15 minutes. Your choice—a hands-on card game or play online.

Adaptable to Different Settings

Money Habitudes can be used in informal home and office settings with individuals and couples as well as in classrooms and conferences with large groups.

Admin Dashboard

Immediate access to your clients’ results and reports in the user-friendly dashboard. Easily send games electronically to individuals or groups. Simply post a link with a group code in the chat when working virtually.

Easy to Interpret and Apply Results

The user-friendly results provide actionable insight for you and your clients. Playing online produces a detailed money personality report. A professional report is also available for more in-depth one-on-one work. Using the physical card deck, the interpretation cards provide thorough insight each Habitude and how they impact behaviors.

Used by thousands of professionals with over a million clients and students throughout the US and internationally

Branded & Customized

Our physical card decks and the online version can be branded to your business, providing a more personalized experience for your clients. Learn More >>