Emotional Self Awareness: ABCDE 

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Activating Event Beliefs Consequences Debate/Dispute Effects








Activating Event/Adversity:  Identify an event that triggered an emotional reaction from you.

Beliefs:  Identify your beliefs that led to your emotion.

Consequences:  What were the results of your thought and actions to the event?

Dispute/Debate/Discarding your beliefs: Were you initial appraisals of the event accurate?  If not, why?

Effects:  How did debating, disputing and discarding shift your understanding and beliefs about the         activating event, and consequently, your feelings?



Looking for Patterns to Change Financial Behaviors

Activating Event


Behavior related to money




How were you feeling physically?
tired? hungry? hyped? nervous?
How were you feeling emotionally?

angry? sad? lonely? scared? excited?
anxious? happy? surprised?

Who else was involved or where you thinking of?  
Where were you?  
When was it?  
What was the belief attached to the behavior?


What are options to react differently next time?


How can you predict when you may be in a similar situation and avoid it or be prepared to act differently?  
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