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A.R. Owings Financial Strategies: A Path to Better Understanding Financial Planning Clients

Tony Owings, a certified financial planner at A.R. Owings Financial Strategies, was searching for a process that would put his clients at ease, create a positive environment and help them share information about how they approach and use money. Finding Money Habitudes helped him reach deeper levels of discussion and insights with his clients.


As part of his work with individuals and couples seeking financial advice, as well as attendees of his financial workshops, Owings used Money Habitudes to:

  • Establish a supportive framework with which clients could express their hopes, fears and motivations.
  • Conduct the due diligence necessary to understand his clients in a more efficient way.
  • Allow clients to share information in such a way that may correct a planner’s incorrect assumptions.
  • Provide a better gauge when he gets to the conversation with clients about how to invest their money.

How They Use Money Habitudes

  • Owings implements Money Habitude cards as part of his six-step financial planning process, using the cards for a variety of reasons in different scenarios.
  • During the few minutes when clients are sorting the cards, Owings will hang back to encourage honest discussion. He finds it helpful to note their comments for the follow-up conversation.