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Arque Capital: Making Financial Planning Classes Relevant and Engaging

Robert Cain of Arque Capital Ltd in Scottsdale, AZ was challenged with getting participants in his financial planning classes to look at how and why they spend and save – and get them talking about money in a non-threatening and engaging way. Cain has used Money Habitudes cards in his two-hour financial planning seminars as well as in individual client meetings.


By incorporating Money Habitudes into his financial planning classes, Cain was able to:

  • Replace the PowerPoint slides he used to introduce his seminars with the more dynamic Money Habitudes conversation starter.
  • Provide an energizing, interactive break from the lecture-and-PowerPoint presentations that are typical of financial planning classes.
  • Get to know his clients better by opening up a “conversation,” rather than interrogating or fact-finding.

How They Use Money Habitudes

  • Cain begins his financial planning classes by putting retirement in a life planning context. Participants evaluate their satisfaction and effort across 12 lifestyle dimensions, including: community/charity, family/relatives, spirituality/religion, spouse/romance, etc. Participants then look for a gap that shows someone wants to do something but isn’t doing it.
  • Attendees have 30-minutes to sort and interpret their own deck of the Money Habitudes cards. In areas that attendees had no cards, Cain had them focus on where they may see advantages to adding benefits of that money personality category.
  • Attendees took home their own deck of cards after the financial workshop in order to revisit their personal money personality profile.