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The Money Panel: Money Habitudes is a core piece of this award-winning financial coaching program

Catherine Morgan, founder and CEO of The Money Panel, is based in the UK. She is a qualified financial planner and certified money coach. The Money Panel has a very clear mission: to reduce financial anxiety and trauma related to money for one million women around the world. She provides coaching and training for women financial professionals to have deeper, more meaning conversations with clients. And for women in general, her coaching helps them answer simple everyday questions and understand their own money personality so they can take control of their finances.

Catherine has used Money Habitudes for 5 years and it has become a core methodology to enable her and her team to understand the money patterns and behaviours that can kick-start the conversation to explore deeper conversations around money.


  • Instrumental in starting money conversations in what can be a very uncomfortable and unfamiliar scenario for many.
  • Builds stronger relationships with clients for financial professionals once they learn how to have deeper, more meaningful conversations.
  • Builds confidence as women learn about their money personality in a very positive way.
  • Often opens up dialog in a way so that married women are often comfortable inviting their husbands to join in their sessions. That has two advantages. First, it helps the husband be supportive of his wife becoming confident in addressing her own issues related to money. And, it helps them both address money situations they may be dealing with as a couple.
  • Couples appreciate their own unique relationship with money and how they could harness the positive aspects of their Habitudes to work together and support each other in their challenges.
  • Dialog leads to conversations that build confidence. That confidence helps women be more assertive in getting their needs met, especially in the workplace. For example, one woman asked for a pay raise and received a 28% increase which also increased her pension contribution.

How They Use Money Habitudes:

  • She sends a code to all clients in advance of their coaching session which may be 1:1, in a group or part of a larger programme. All coaching and programmes are virtual so they can be accessed by women anywhere in the world.
  • As an integral part of a 12- month award winning Financial Coaching training programme for Financial Advisors and Planners to incorporate financial coaching into their work.
  • As a way to help couples explore conflicting money beliefs to improve their communication.
  • To help women who are struggling with confidence around money, especially those who are working in “alpha male environments.”