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A credit board game to teach credit classes

A credit board game is included in The Good Credit Game, a credit curriculum kit. The Road to Good Credit is a credit board game that helps make credit classes fun and hands-on.

Teach a credit class with a credit board game

The credit curriculum is divided into two major sections. The first section helps people learn about credit reports and credit scores. The credit board game can build on the first lessons. It is typically done as the second half of a credit class. It may also be used as a standalone class or activity. (You could also use the credit board game as a first and last activity in a sort of pre- and post-test manner. This helps people understand what they don’t know and then shows them what they’ve learned after the class.) The credit board game and the other credit games and activities teach students about credit scores, credit reports and credit cards.

The Good Credit Game includes a credit board game.
The credit board game helps teach credit classes.

An educational credit board game

The credit board game is a mix of Trivial Pursuit and Chutes & Ladders. As the teacher, you can choose which question cards to use. You can also emphasize harder or easier questions. And you can choose from the 39 different credit topics. (These topics include bankruptcy, payday lending, credit history, etc.) So it’s accessible to all audiences, the credit board game is written at a fifth-grade reading level or below.

The credit board game in practice

The Good Credit Game’s activities are all designed to be done in small groups of 3-5 people. Credit classes are more fun, collaborative and engaging with this small-group format. As with Money Habitudes, we’ve seen how important it is for students to be able to laugh, talk and be active in financial education classes.
We advise allowing an hour to play the credit board game. It’s appropriate for credit classes for adults and young adults (including college and military classes).