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How To Play

The physical card deck and online versions of Money Habitudes for adults contain the same statements. The card deck includes a user-friendly instruction card, interpretation cards, and suggested actions if a Habitude is being overused. The online version automatically shows directions, sorts the cards, and provides a complete report that is unique to the individual. Plus there are additional discussion questions and suggested actions if a Habitude is being over or underused. See more about the different versions here.

Online Money Habitudes

Physical Cards

Both the physical cards and the online version contain 54 statements, nine in each of the six Money Habitudes categories:

  • Security: Money helps you feel safe and secure.
  • Planning: Money helps you achieve your goals.
  • Status: Money helps you create a positive image.
  • Giving: Money helps you feel good by giving to others.
  • Spontaneous: Money helps you to enjoy the moment.
  • Carefree: Money is not a priority.

Players then sort those statements into three categories, based on how well they describe the player:

  1. That’s me
  2. Sometimes, it depends
  3. That’s not me

There are no right or wrong answers! All individuals have a combination of several different Habitudes. How the cards are sorted reveals how money habits and attitudes may affect financial behaviors.

Using the interpretation cards — or the individualized report with the online version — will provide insights into your Money Habitude results, including how you see yourself, how others see you, and the advantages and challenges associated with your Habitudes. Learn more about different versions of the cards here.

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