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Key Benefits

Talking about money can be a lot of things: taboo, embarrassing, overwhelming, boring, intimidating, scary… and more.

Seven Ways Money Habitudes can help you to:

  • Begin Financial Conversations
    Our game gets people talking about money, in a comfortable, fun and productive way. They share real stories, goals and obstacles.
  • Make Money Conversations Fun
    The game format and using statement cards to introduce topics that quickly spark important memories, stories and connections — puts people at ease and encourages them to laugh and share.
  • Build Rapport and Trust
    The activity and the conversations focus on the person, not numbers, so clients feel respected and listened to. Every Habitude has advantages and challenges so people don’t feel judged or threatened by their results. There is no shame or blame.
  • Talk About Money with Anyone
    Money Habitudes is used by people of different ages, income and education levels, and are low-literacy compliant. There is no jargon. The language used is gender, race and culturally neutral. It has been used successfully in 40+ countries.
  • Introduce Couples to New Perspectives
    The statements spark insightful conversations. The results help couples see how they balance each other in areas they may previously only experienced as conflict.
  • Bring About Real Change
    Get practical suggestions for changing financial behaviors. Professionals can use it to identify triggers and provide strategies to help stay on track.
  • Start Financial Discussions Anywhere!
    Use Money Habitudes in lunch and learns, intro to your program, classes, coaching or counseling sessions. Try it as an icebreaker, to initiate discussions, as a stand-alone class or integrate it with other modules or workshops.