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Habits and Attitudes Affect How You Use Money

In order to show how organizations really use Money Habitudes cards in financial workshops, here’s an example of an upcoming financial seminar in Bloomington, Illinois. It’s taught by an Extension educator and will be conducted at a bank. For financial educators, there are a number of case studies that highlight how Money Habitudes is being used in a variety of ways. Also, this post points out come of the commonalities found in financial education workshops.

Discover Your Money Habitudes: Habits and Attitudes Affect How You Use Money

Illinois Extension financial education classApril 25, 2012 (1:00 PM )
First State Bank of Bloomington
204 North Prospect Rd
Bloomington, IL 61701 (McLean County)

This session is part of McLean County Money Smart Week and is taught by Kathy Sweedler, U of I Extension Consumer Educator.
No registration is necessary. This workshop is free to the public.