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Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money: How It Affects Career & Relationships

This “Relationship with Money” workshop was geared for career and workforce development professionals. In this train-the-trainer case sponsored by Career Counselors Consortium Northeast, it is professionals who are exploring the relationship with money; many other Money Habitudes career classes reach end-user students or clients.

Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money

CCC workshop on the relationship with moneyTitle: Money Habitudes: Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money
When: Oct. 14. 2011 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Where: Northeastern University – Curry Room 333 – Boston
Category: Professional Development Seminar


Money Habitudes™: A Practical Seminar Identifying Your Client’s Relationship with Money and How It Affects Career, Relationships, and Life
For career and workforce development professionals at all levels of experience who want to explore an individual’s relationship with money.
Note: Money Habitudes™ deck and workbook included with price of seminar.
Please note the room change for this event.  It is being held in Room 333 of the Curry Student Center.

A client filled out an exhaustive survey on sexual behavior, but refused to fill out a demographic question on income saying “that was too personal to share.” As much as clients (and career counselors) may be uncomfortable talking about money, research in the relatively new fields of behavioral economics and neurofinance have validated that an individual’s relationship with money has a powerful subconscious influence on decision making in every aspect of life. Revealing that complex relationship can also be a quick way to access the real issues that are limiting success in careers, relationships and life in general. Understanding one’s habits and attitudes about money can be the key that helps clients move beyond the obstacles they think are blocking their way to success.
Attend this interactive, hands-on seminar where you will apply new and valuable insights to your client’s potential to support or sabotage career goals, and walk away with a new and validated tool that you can begin using immediately with clients.

Topics to be covered:

• Learn the six factors that shape one’s relationship with money.
• Explore the six dominant patterns of habits and attitudes related to money that subconsciously influence decision-making.
• Actively engage with Money Habitudes™, a simple toolkit designed as a non-threatening deck of cards.

Syble Solomon, M.Ed., founder of LifeWise, executive coach linked with Center for Creative Leadership since 1995. Creator of Money Habitudes™ for adults/teens, used in 35 countries, translated into Spanish, German, Mandarin. Applied at Cornell University, Job Corps, and in mental health settings for career counseling, domestic violence, parenting. B.A. in economics from Douglass College, Rutgers; M.Ed. from George Washington University.


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