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Money Personality Types: Palmer, Koh

We use six Money Habitude types (in a fun and easy-to-use hands-on card game format) to help people better understand how they relate to money and to better comprehend the role it plays in their lives (and the lives of those around them), but some other systems use different personality typing methodologies.
Scott and Bethany Palmer

The five money personalities identified by the Palmers include savers, spenders, risk-takers, security seekers and fliers. Individuals at the event will be challenged to discover their money personality and the money personality of their spouse.
“In a marriage, you don’t often view money the same way,” Brown said. “It’s so important to understand your spouse’s relationship with money, how it is different from yours and how the two dynamics can work together.”

Liz Koh

Koh splits people into four different types: hoarders, achievers, entrepreneurs and thrill-seekers. They sit on two axes: risk-taking and desire to create wealth.
The entrepreneurs and the thrill-seekers are the risk-takers and the achievers and entrepreneurs are motivated by a desire to create wealth. Yet ironically the hoarders, who have lower risk appetites and desire to create wealth, sometimes end up being the wealthiest.