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Talking about money: a marriage education program in Melbourne, Australia

This marriage education program in Melbourne, Australia uses Money Habitudes cards. Put on by CatholicCare, it highlights the importance that money plays in couples’ relationships.

Talking about money in a marriage education program

This class shares some similarities with other marriage and relationship classes that use Money Habitudes cards. For therapists and marriage and relationship educators, some of the Money Habitudes case studies will prove helpful when developing programs around money and relationships.

Money Habitudes

Catholic Care marriage education programThis evening program is designed to assist couples to explore their habits and attitudes money management, and the values that underpin this.
This is a one-night program in addition to a Marriage Education Program. It is for all couples, those preparing for marriage or those already married.
With the use of Money Habitudes Cards couples will be able to:

  • develop an awareness of their habits and attitudes toward money
  • highlight their strengths and challenges regarding managing money in the relationship
  • discuss money in a supportive and fun setting
  • explore the possibility of changing a ‘habitude’.

A spouse is more than a friend and more than a roommate. A spouse is, among other things, a financial partner.
Attitudes can best be described as automatic thoughts and feelings that we have as soon as we see or hear something. Attitudes are usually connected to our values system.
Habits are automatic behaviors that we have in response to an attitude.
So the result is – “Habitudes” – the automatic feeling and response to money.
Couples individually play the card game and have a series of questions to discuss. There are several opportunities to stop and write questions to take home for further discussion.
At times it may be challenging. Couples often share their similarities and differences which is a lot of fun!
Conflicts about money are inevitable; what matters is how the two of you handle those conflicts.
Here are a couple of questions for you to discuss with your partner:

  • What do the words ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ mean to you?
  • What messages about money did you receive growing up?

Program Cost
$40 per session.
Free to participants who have completed a Partnerships and/or FOCUS program
Program dates 2012

MH12.0217 Oct, 7.15 pm-9.30 pmWednesdayEast Melbourne