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Thinking like a Woman: An Edge in Trading?

In a recent post on Forbes, contributor Doug Hirschhorn (@DougHirschhorn), who uses sport psychology to coach elite traders on Wall Street, posits that thinking like a woman may give you an edge in trading. Hirschborn says:

I believe women, in many ways, are able to be very successful in occupations that involve the combination of money, risk taking and risk management. And a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that they are hardwired that way. What this potentially means is that maybe there should be more women then men on the front lines or in senior risk taking positions on trading desks.

Of course this touches on the overlap between emotions, psychology and money. With Money Habitudes, people are able to self-asses themselves when it comes to the often hidden influences that affect how they spend, save, invest, go into debt … and the advice that counselors and financial planners give clients.