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Women’s Wealth Workshop: Your Psychology and Money

This article about a three-part series about financial issues specifically geared toward women (with a focus on how our beliefs impact our decisions) speaks to several financial planners and therapists who use Money Habitudes to combine psychology and money in engaging, interactive, low-risk presentations and community workshops for groups. We now see more professionals in an advising capacity building in a component or module to their workshops to address the habits, attitudes, values, behaviors, and psychological side of money. This then transitions to more skills-based content as attendees gain a better understanding of themselves and become more personally invested in the material.
Also, the Inspired Savings project speaks to what Patti Davis (of Patti Davis Counseling, located in Bellevue) addresses in the article: How thoughts lead to feelings, which then lead to behaviors. If we alter our thought patterns, we can gain control over how we feel and ultimately how we behave [with money].