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Money Habitudes Online

Easy to use for stating great money conversations and to get an individualized, user-friendly, in-depth money personality report. Great for virtual one-on-one and couple sessions as well as large groups as an assignment or real-time activity for virtual classes, training and conferences.

Product description

Money Habitudes Online is a great money conversation starter and money personality profile. People quickly come to understand what motivates their financial behavior. They simply read 54 statements, presented as cards in a game-like format, and click on whether they feel the statement describes them. There are nine statements for each of the six patterns of habits and attitudes related to money. They immediately see a quick report and then a full individualized report with their results, interpretation and suggestions for next steps.

The statements are behavioral—there are no numbers or questions about budgets, investing or other financial skills. The statements are also neutral with no pictures of people and no reference to age, sex, culture or socio-economic factors. They have been used byfinancial educators andcounselors, financial planners, therapists, marriage counselors and relationship facilitators, career coaches and educators with populations from the people struggling to make ends meet to wealthy adults managing their portfolios. They have been used successfully throughout the US and internationally by professionals in Canada, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore and Australia.
User friendly! Professionals can easily distribute games to individuals and generate codes for groups. All instructions are intuitive or provided on the screens. Results and reports are immediately accessible to the user and the administrator distributing the games. The online version makes it easy to use for virtual workshops, classes and conferences as well as working virtually with individuals and couples. A code can be sent ahead of a meeting or as an assignment for discussion in a group setting. The game can be played on any device, however, the full report would be best read on a larger screen or printed.

What’s included:

• Every administrator can distribute individual codes and create group codes (to give one code to a larger group and to use when all emails may not be available before a class or event).
• If game is interrupted, user can sign-in and resume play.
• User can access the reports in the future with their email and password.
• User and administrator can see the quick report and full report as soon as the game is finished.
• The quick report includes the results and a generic explanation of what the number of statements placed in the that’s me sort means.
• The full report is individualized and based on the number of statements selected in each category. It also includes the results, Money Habitudes is defined and there is an interpretation for each Habitude which includes the message, how others see you, advantages and challenges. It also has general questions and additional questions if the Habitude is dominant or missing. At the end are Next Steps with suggestions of actions to take if the user feels any Habitudes are being overused or underused.
• Simply switch languages to play in Spanish and receive translated reports.

1. Individual games
a. 1-9 9.95
b. 10-99 8.95
c. 100-499 7.95
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Contact us for orders >500
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The administrator can send individual codes and create group codes. Group codes can be used by multiple people which makes it easy for class assignments, training and conferences, especially if working virtually. The administrator has immediate access to view reports.

2. Couples Sets (two games come with each set)
a. 1-9 18.95
b. 5-49 17.95
c. 50-299 26.95
d. 300+ 15.95

Couples get two games. Each getsthe individual report. Plusthere’s a bonus. They can view each other results, discover how they are alike and different and complete an additional survey to promote positive conversation and action steps.

Optional Add-Ons

1. Standard branding $349
One-time charge only. Upload your logo and text (ex. contact information, program information, etc.) to appear on the sign-in screen and on the report cover. You can easily change the logo or text at any time in the settings menu.

2. Professional report $199 (unlimited)
The administrator gets an additional report with the individual’s response to each statement. A great way to get more specific information andhave more in-depth conversations when working with individuals and couples. It is not available to the individual, however the professional can choose to share it electronically or by printing out the report.

3. Higher Ed Student-Pays Special $9.95
An administrator’s account is provided to an instructor at no cost. Codes can be distributed to students to play as part of an assignment. When students sign-in they will be taken to the checkout page to pay with a credit card and will immediately have access to play and get their report. The educator can access the dashboard and settings to distribute codes, see who has played and view the results.

4. Research Report $199
An excel spread sheet with individual responses is used to do research and analyze a group’s responses.

5. Anonymous Option $ 99
No email address is required. The user can put in a name or initials to be included on the report cover or the administrator may assign an ID number. The administrator of the account will have access to the reports. Note: anonymous users can save their reports, but they cannot return at a later date to retrieve them from the site.Reports will stay on the administrator’s site.

6. Withhold the full report $99
This option is most frequently used by professionals working with individuals or couples who want to talk through the interpretation together in the context of their work or when it is used for marketing purposes.

Contact us to discuss options to customize the experience for your clients.