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This package includes everything you need to do a fun, powerful presentation on Money Habitudes — and costs less than buying the components individually. The Workshop-in-a-Box is a complete package for up to 10 people to go through a workshop, class, or train-the-trainer seminar. Although the facilitator should be familiar with the cards, no preparation is needed. The package includes:

  • 1 Training/Workshop USB
  • 10 decks of Money Habitudes cards (Adult English or Spanish)
  • 10 My Money Habitudes Workbooks
  • 1 Professional Guide

Use the USB as a training tool for the facilitator or use any section or all of it to guide a group through using the cards and discovering their habits and attitudes about money.

Sorting the cards usually takes 10-15 minutes and interpreting and discussing the results may take only a few minutes as a quick overview or may be very comprehensive and take 1-2 hours. In any case, the activity is a fun and engaging way to interact with an audience around the topic of money. People use Money Habitudes in a wide variety of contexts, be it money and finances, relationships, careers, life skills and personal development. This includes financial education and budgeting, asset building, home buying, credit/debt counseling, job readiness, life skills, parenting classes, employee financial benefits seminars, financial planning, high school and college classes, premarital programs, marriage enrichment, bankruptcy, investing, entrepreneurship, career coaching, and staff development for financial professionals.

Generally, what people like about Money Habitudes cards is they:

  • Are easy to learn and easy to teach.
  • Are interactive and make for a welcome alternative to lectures, workbooks and PowerPoint.
  • Get beyond budgets to begin important conversations about the interaction between habits and attitudes, values and finances.
  • Complement other programs (e.g., budgeting, communication skills, debt reduction, etc.) and can be used as an icebreaker, integrated module or standalone activity.

Best results come from using one deck of cards per person so everyone participates and has his or her own personal sorting/assessment results. Therefore, use two decks for a couple or 10 decks for a group of 10 people. Additional cards and workbooks are sold separately.

While it is preferable to provide the decks to individuals to keep if possible to maximize ongoing discussion and learning, the cards are durable and designed to be used over and over.  Those facilitating classes or counseling sessions frequently reuse the cards on a weekly or monthly basis for years.


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