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The founder of LifeWise Strategies and creator of Money Habitudes, Syble Solomon is a motivational speaker who makes money personality and the psychology of money relevant to audiences. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Syble presents financial keynotes, trainings and workshops at conferences and to corporate and nonprofit organizations. Her speeches help audiences better understand their clients and themselves around the hard, fascinating topic of money.


Besides in-depth training on Money Habitudes, her corporate and conference keynote speeches, workshops and panels cover topics like:

How to take control of your life and money

Where our habits and attitudes about money come from

Identifying your money personality type

The fascinating brain science behind financial decisions

How our relationship with money affects our careers, relationships, life

Why financial opposites attract – and what to do about it

How to have better financial conversations

Identifying messages and triggers that lead to budgeting success or failure

Improving financial discussions with clients


Each workshop, training or keynote presentation is specific to its unique audience. These audiences have included executives, entrepreneurs, financial planners, asset building organizations, personal finance professionals, financial educators, premarital and relationship counselors, therapists, military, clergy, career and life coaches, professional sports teams, social workers, university faculty and students, healthcare professionals and more. She speaks throughout the United States and internationally.

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