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Money Habitudes is frequently used by therapists, social workers, money coaches, life coaches, career counselors, and those who work in social services. The activity helps clients open up, relax and become comfortable discussing finances. More than that, it helps you and your clients explore how their relationship with money may be influencing not only their finances, but their relationships and other life choices.

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[mk_fancy_title size=”” line_height=”” letter_spacing=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” font_family=”none” align=”center”]Why use Money Habitudes® ?[/mk_fancy_title][mk_padding_divider size=”20″]
[mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”32″ icon=”mk-icon-money” title=”Connecting money to other issues” title_size=”” title_top_padding=”” title_bottom_padding=”” align=”left”]Many therapists and counselors use Money Habitudes to open up a constructive dialogue about money and its connection to self worth, trust, independence, control, power, love, security and more. Some use it in private client work; others use it in support groups, especially in divorce, domestic abuse, parenting and life transitions.[/mk_icon_box2]
[mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”32″ icon=”mk-moon-graduation” title=”Professional training” title_size=”” title_top_padding=”” title_bottom_padding=”” align=”left”]Counselors and other social services professionals can benefit from going through the activity and looking at their own money personality results. Doing so helps counseling professionals better understand their own relationship with money, which may can be helpful both personally and professionally.[/mk_icon_box2]
[mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”32″ icon=”mk-moon-tools” title=”Linking money and career choices” title_size=”” title_top_padding=”” title_bottom_padding=”” align=”left”]Money Habitudes helps counselors forge connections between a client’s relationship with money and his or her career. For example, if your Habitude type is “Security” or “Spontaneous,” how does that limit or enhance your career options? Money Habitudes is also a great tool for career workshops, because it serves as an icebreaker that opens up discussions.[/mk_icon_box2]
[mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”32″ icon=”mk-moon-bubbles-6″ title=”Speaking a common money language” title_size=”” title_top_padding=”” title_bottom_padding=”” align=”left”]Money Habitudes are non-threatening and provide countless conversation starters in a natural context, such as family of origin influences, financial fears and even money secrets. They also provide a common nonthreatening language to help clients talk about issues in a way that’s meaningful to them and faster for therapists and counselors.[/mk_icon_box2]
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Money Habitudes is a cornerstone of effective conversations about the difficult but important topic of money.

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