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Trainings & Workshops

Planning to use Money Habitudes in a professional context? There are a number of ways to become an expert at leading financial conversations, holding personal finance trainings or engaging audiences to discuss this often difficult topic.

Although no formal training or certification is required to use Money Habitudes with clients, groups or classes, we provide a number of training topics to help you and your team feel comfortable using our program. Training and workshop topics include:


  • Using and interpreting Money Habitudes as a personal finance training and teaching tool.
  • Staff development to explore one’s own financial habits and attitudes.
  • How to have more insightful train-the-trainer sessions by using Money Habitudes.
  • Customizing the Money Habitudes experience for different demographic groups, across age and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Advanced techniques for the interpretation of Money Habitudes results.
  • How and why we manage money the way we do, based on research in neuro-finance and behavioral economics.
  • Q&A sessions that enable professionals to personalize the experience around their own interests.
  • Personalized topics upon request.


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