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What It Is

The easy way to start the best money conversations and
The quick way to discover what triggers our money behavior

Money Habitudes is a game-like assessment – played either via physical cards or online – to help people understand and talk about their finances in a fun, constructive way. It also allows people to pinpoint underlying financial habits, attitudes and motivations to make real behavior changes.

Money Habitudes helps financial professionals bring emotions and personal stories into the conversation without getting touchy-feely. Professionals helping people navigate life issues use them to understand the impact of the client’s relationship with money without focusing on their finances.

You can use this activity to work with individuals, couples, and groups of any size as a stand-alone activity or to supplement other programs.

Players are presented with short statements that fall under six core money Habitudes:

SecurityMoney helps you feel safe and secure.
PlanningMoney helps you achieve your goals.
StatusMoney helps you create a positive image.
GivingMoney helps you feel good by giving to others.
SpontaneousMoney helps you to enjoy the moment.
CarefreeMoney is not a priority.

After playing, people easily engage in financial discussions and have instant insight into what motivates and triggers their behavior. It’s a fun way for people to predict situations that can derail them and plan successful strategies to keep them on track to reach their goals.

Money Habitudes is used by the military, non-profits, wellness programs, churches, universities, financial advisors, educators and therapists because it is:

  1. Nonjudgmental and non-threatening. There are no right or wrong answers and nobody wins or loses.
  2. Culturally neutral with no associations with age, race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or educational level.
  3. Consistently rated as the favorite part of financial programs and the reasons people return to learn more or work with a professional.
  4. Very affordable.  Easy to learn, easy to use and no certification is required.