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Money is the #1 stressor in the workplace and it’s something most companies just aren’t talking about. More stress equates to more tardiness, more discord among employees and less productivity overall. In addition, HR often has to field more calls when someone is in financial trouble. Money Habitudes makes it easy to incorporate a non-threatening entry to financial education into your corporate wellness programs. Employees who do Money Habitudes are more likely to follow-up with other corporate and outside programs related to becoming financially fit.

How Money Habitudes Can Help You

Improve Teamwork and Workplace Dynamics

It’s a fact: personal financial stress always makes its way into the workplace. That stress can lead to discord among co-workers, seriously impacting your team’s ability to effectively work together. Money Habitudes helps your employees understand how their financial habits and views might impact their interactions with, and expectations of, fellow employees.

Increase Employee Productivity

Money Habitudes can help employees identify triggers associated with finances and facilitate ways to reduce stress and boost productivity. Employees will receive actionable insight into how these views may be limiting or supporting their own productivity and advancement in the workplace.

Enhance Your Employee Benefits Package

A financial wellness program is an amazing addition to your employee benefits package. Money Habitudes can be used as a stand alone activity, or as an introduction to a larger financial wellness program or curriculum, to help your employees understand how their views around money impact other areas of their life.

Present Employee Benefits in a More Relatable Way

Money Habitudes can help your human resources or employee benefits team humanize often complicated programs like 401(k)s and health insurance for your employees. By not jumping right into the numbers, Money Habitudes allows you to lay the groundwork for better understanding your employees’ goals in a relevant, easy-to-comprehend way.

Courtney Bettle, MPP

Director of Financial Capability, Maryland CASH Campaign

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