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Improve the strength of your religious community

If you’re a faith leader, talking about money is inescapable but is often uncomfortable. From discussing budgets with your board of directors, fundraising to support your mission and counseling couples and families to offering financial literacy programs to adults and youth, Money Habitudes can make those conversations easier and more effective.

How Money Habitudes Can Help You

Help Strengthen Relationships

Money Habitudes is a natural fit for pre-marital programs, marriage enrichment classes and counseling families. It opens up constructive dialogue about money, provides a common, non-judgmental language and reveals motivations and perspectives that can change the conversation.

Make the Emotional Connection to Money

Offering financial management programs gives your congregants practical advice in a setting they trust. When you add Money Habitudes, it helps them become wiser about the role of money in their lives and more aware of their values related to giving and stewardship.

Strengthen Your Community

Growing, vibrant congregations are responsive to the needs of their community, which are often becoming more diverse. Since money is a common denominator that affects everyone’s lives, offering a class in Money Habitudes can help build a sense of community. There is no discussion of numbers, budgets or personal finance which makes it non-threatening and the game-like format makes it easy for attendees to relax and engage. The jargon-free, non-judgmental language provides a common language to discover commonalities, share stories and encourage a sense of unity.

Use as a Tool for Family Workshops

Money Habitudes is an invaluable tool for facilitating workshops and classes for teens and parents around those often difficult conversations about money. The game’s prompts make it easy for the whole family to participate in constructive financial conversations.

Rev. Phil Leo

Church Communications Director, Barnabas Foundation

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