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Money Habitudes have been used in 27 countries by financial advisors, educators, churches and organizations offering programs related to finances, relationships and life skills. In addition, the Center for Creative Leadership included them in Leading Beyond Boundaries, an international teen leadership program working with youth living in poverty. They are currently being piloted as part of a financial education program in a multinational company.

How Money Habitudes Can Help You

Money Habitudes is intended to be as neutral as possible. There are no pictures of people in any of our materials, no jargon and the statements and Habitude names reflect universal themes. Graphics are also as culturally neutral as possible. There are no religious references or mention of traditions, holidays or celebrations. The statements are written at a 5th grade reading level to make them more accessible when English is not a reader’s first language.

Standard cards and the online version are available in English and Spanish. Our distributor in Singapore has standard adult cards in Asian English and Bahasa (Indonesian). Our distributor in Australia has an Australian version. Branded cards are also available in Canadian English.

Contact us if you would like more information on translating the cards or the online version into other languages. We also welcome suggestions to make our materials more culturally relevant.

Manuel Carvallo, RFC®, Partner and Founder

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