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Help our service men and women and veterans start productive conversations about money, manage it responsibly and handle situations unique to serving in the military.

If you’re working with new recruits, preparing troops to relocate, helping couples work through balancing family needs with military life or involved in the transition from a military to civilian life, Money Habitudes belongs in your toolbox. It helps make discussing money non-threatening, engaging and fun and leads to effective outcomes.

How Money Habitudes Can Help You

Increase attendance to your money classes

Whether service members are mandated to take a financial education class or just want to learn more, they like playing a game instead of sitting through a lecture or PowerPoint presentation. Since Money Habitudes feels like a game, they relax and get engaged. Being jargon free, non-judgmental and non-threatening, there is no shame and no blame. Consequently, they are more interested and open to learning the information and skills they need to get out of debt and manage their money successfully. They are more likely to show up to subsequent classes and follow-through.

Get to the important stuff

Family advocates and support staff see the more difficult challenges of military lifestyles. Money or the lack of it, can be the emotional trigger for marital discord, abusive or inappropriate behavior on the job and in their personal lives, suicide and an increase in substance abuse. Money Habitudes is often an effective activity to help the service member connect the dots between their relationship with money and the life issues they are facing.

Train staff to look beyond budgets

Those serving the military members represent people from different circumstances, with unique biases and behaviors. Money Habitudes is an easy, fun activity to raise staff awareness about their own money personalities. Those insights can help them be more effective when working with others.

Money Habitudes is used by the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.

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