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Take the stress out of couples’ money discussions

Studies show that money is the number one cause of conflict in committed relationships and the top reason for divorce. But what if couples could get a new perspective on their own and their partners’ relationship with money? And easily talk about money without judgement or stress? Used as part of your counseling or training toolbox, Money Habitudes is a must-have to help couples to communicate about money, at any stage in their relationship. Couples can also use the online version when they cannot be together for required premarital courses, or when a counselor/facilitator is working with them remotely.

How Money Habitudes Can Help You

Help Couples Pinpoint Money Biases

Money is often a proxy for other important concerns such as security, power, love, control, freedom, status and generosity. Using Money Habitudes helps your clients understand their own and each other’s views and behaviors – and provides a foundation and structure for your discussions.

Navigate Tricky Territory

Money is fraught with emotional issues, often making it the most difficult topic for couples to talk about. Money Habitudes gives you a tool to diffuse this challenging topic to make money talk easy, fun and engaging – and a whole lot less awkward.

Integrate with Other Relationship Skills Programs

Money Habitudes easily supplements other relationship skills material related to a couple’s communication and conflict resolution. It is often used in pre-marital classes, and couples’ enrichment programs, as well as during counseling sessions with couples or individuals working on their relationship issues on their own. The Teen curriculum helps youth explore the connection between money and relationships.

Put the Positive in Money Talk

Without a positive structured approach to money discussions, couples will quickly focus on areas of conflict. By using Money Habitudes as part of your practice, you’ll help reveal where a couple’s individual money personalities are alike and how the differences can actually complement and balance each other.

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Money Habitudes cards offer a fun way to can help couples to build a foundation of mutual understanding, respect and even good humor vis a vis their differing money habits and attitudes. After playing with Money Habitudes cards, subsequent discussions about money issues are likely to feel less emotionally loaded.

Family + Money = Happiness?! (Redbook)

You’re arguing about security, control, love, rejection, and all the other things money represents,” says Syble Solomon, the creator of Money Habitudes.

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