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If you use Money Habitudes in a professional context, these free resources may be helpful for training staff and volunteers and to support you in your work with individuals, couples and classes. You have permission to use any of these documents in virtual and in-person presentations, as handouts and in newsletters with appropriate attribution. You have permission to adapt worksheets to be more relevant to the needs of your clients or students. All materials apply to both cards and online versions unless stated otherwise. More in-depth information and activities are included in the guide Money Habitudes: the money personality profile that makes sense of financial behavior and other guides for working with teens and at-risk youth and for therapists.

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  • Staff Training Activity: Money Habitudes results for five people with questions and training steps to help professionals, staff and volunteers become aware of their assumptions and biases when working with others.

Worksheets for Card Deck Version: Summary Results and Interpretation Questions

Group Activity:  Money Habitudes in Action

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